Selling Your Business

Do any of the following phrases describe your current business situation?

  1. I anticipate life style changes.
    Retirement and travel, changes in family and health, or desire to pursue a new business venture are valid reasons to sell your business.

  2. My business is profitable.
    The company has consistent and increasing profits, or is very profitable … it is always best to sell when at peak performance

  3. I believe the company’s growth requires new levels of funding and energy.
    Your vision and hard work have built a fundamentally solid business that can go to the next level with new owners and investments.

  4. I have had three great years, however my profits might not be sustainable.
    With this past momentum, now is the optimum time to consider all of your options.

  5. My business runs effectively when I am not around .
    This is very attractive to potential buyers  demonstrating that you have built systems into your business to help in the transition to a new owner.

If any of these relate to you and your business, now is the time to schedule a confidential discussion with American Business Investors, Inc.